Time management

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In the past two years of my college life, my focus was not entirely on my studies. I spent most of my time hanging with friends, going out, and just having a fun time. So naturally, I didn’t do as well as I would like on some assignments. This caused me great stress to try and get my grades up by the end of each semester. Like me, many people I know seem to struggle with their time in one way or another. Kelci Lynn Lucier, who wrote 8 Steps for Strong Time Management for College Students states:

“Within the first few days of starting college, many students quickly learn that managing their time is one of the most challenging and difficult aspects of being in school”

I have learned that the secret to time management is actually self-management. In order to manage your time, you first have to manage yourself. We all have the same 168 hours every week of our lives. Once you take out time for school, work, sleep, meals and commuting, you are left with a few hours a day to play with. This requires a level of awareness about your values so that you can plan your life the way you want. If you’re not taking an active role in how you spend your time, then you’re allowing life to spend you!

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