Do You Get Enough Sleep?

Posted on November 29, 2011 by


Ana Montano talks about the amount of sleep Americans get, but most importantly the amount college students get.

That new found freedom can make some people get a little crazy. Before you know it, you’ve been up and it’s 3: 00 am. And you have a class at 8:00 the next morning. Your choice then becomes, to get a full night’s sleep or to actually go to class. If you skip, your performance and grade can suffer. This is an all too common scenario and the result is a classroom full of hung over sleepy students.

Montano names several reasons why students don’t get enough sleep and most would famailar to students everywhere. Procrastination something every student has done at one time or another, even I will admit to have procastinated a few times and something always suffers. From being a little sleep deprived from the quality of the paper or test I should’ve prepared for earlier. Sometime times pulling an all nighter may not even have to do with procastination sometimes its your job. Most students have to work to support themselves, and pay for college. After a day at school the last thing some students want to do is work especially if it leads late into the night. As a person who used to work in fast food I know how late your night can turn out even when you are scheduled to leave early.

Montano reminds her readers that just because your in college, working, or just trying to have fun doesn’t mean your sleep has to suffer. Sometimes just some plannnig ahead will save you plently of time for rest, like taking earlier classes if your going to be out to late alot. If it’s an option try working earlier in the day to get rest as well, or maybe just take a nap or two during your breaks. We need sleep just as much as our bodies water, sleep helps us keep our minds in the best condition for class and in the everyday decisions we have to make. That’s all from me this about sleep tell next time guys.