Job Networking at a Conference or Industry Event

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Listed here are 11 ways to have a successful network for a business conference or industry event and hopefully, land a job or at least a few interviews. Attending these events for job networking can be nerve-wracking and intimidating but it you pay attention to the suggested tips, it will help to relieve some of the stress.

If you’ve ever attended any kind of a large event, even a large wedding reception that takes place in any large area, it’s good experience and it should give you courage. If you are knowlegable about the business or industry you attend, it should feel natural to be where the action is and energize you into associating and make connections. Anything such as over-large steel structures and loud or strange crowds comes secondary, so don’t be put off or feel imtimidated. Begin networking and let people see that you know your way around. Here’s a list of tips for networking effectively,

1. Plan your day. 2. Practice your introduction. 3. pre-arrange meetings. 4. Ask questions 5. Spread out, don’t cling. 6. Use Twitter and the event hashtag. 7. Find a way to stand out. 8. Bring business cards, ask for business cards. 9. Have a goal. 10. Blog about the event and sessions. 11. Follow up immediately after the event.

The only way to make these 11 tips effective is to intregrate the steps, re-write  and expand on them. First, write them out and expand on the ideas to see how they can intregrate for improved networking. For example, no 3. intregrates with no. 1 and sounds less intimidating. Sending out e-mails is a good idea for planning the day of the event to find out who is attending, speaking and when arriving. For one thing, in this way you don’t have to go to early or stay out late when there isn’t going to be to many people around.

I condensed these tips but they should be re-written and expanded upon for better clarity. Most of these should intregrate together, such as shown above, since many interactions are called for in the tips and aid in intimidation and fears. This is especially true in no.2 when its suggested to practice an introduction with a business associate in 30 seconds or less. If you leave a business card as no. 8. calls for, it would improve networking on a quick introduction. You could then follow up later and go back and ask if they have a card you could have, too. These are little things that improve contacts with the important people who may decide your future. These are basic tips but a start to ideas that can be developed more fully by you, just take the time to plan it out totally.

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