Study, Study, Study

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As finals come closer and closer for most students at Indiana University South Bend, I thought that some good study tips might be useful during this time. The good people at collegeboard have some great tips for studying. As they state:

You can succeed by knowing what to expect and how to handle it. Think of college as a full-time job, in which you spend 40 hours a week on class, labs, study groups and doing homework.

The people at collegeboard are right college is a full time job, when you think about it. You have to be on time or you risk your grades slipping, just like at your job if your late to often you’ll get fired. With all the time you spend at college you may sometimes wonder how you get the time to do anything at all especally when midterms or finals are on the way. It’s during times like these that you have to sit your self down and do some studying. This is where collegeboard comes in they give out some tips for studying that we all need every now and again. One of which is to do the reading for your classes. It usually the first thing to go when your low on time and have other things to do. Like an 8 page paper due the next morning or a presentation you need prepare for a class later that day. I’ve done it from time to time myself and when a test comes along I often don’t know most of the answers.

Then I have to guess and unless your a really good guesser it rarely works out to well. Sometimes you just have to read to get to get prepared for that big test. If your going to study of cousre you have to make the time to do it. You can just wait until the day before the test to start studying otherwise it won’t end well and you’ll just end up guessing on a test that you need to pass. Once again it just comes down to planning ahead, not just for doing your homework, but your studying as well. Collegeboard has more tips on their site and there are many more out there to use as well, some of which you may already know.

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