Are You Alert?

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You may be alert reading this blog, but are you alerted in the middle of the night by IU Security?  IU Security has a great website. It can keep you updated with the most important security alerts that affect each and every one of us here at IUSB.  From protecting your computer from IT fraud to receiving and alert that shots were fired on campus- take precautions, the IU Security website has it all….

The site breaks down into four easy areas:

People tab….

“Remaining vigilant is no longer optional.

Here you can find resources designed to make you more aware of personal safety, environmental and work safety, as well as safeguarding your electronic/online identity.”

 Information tab….

“Information and data are the currency of the 21st century.

It’s valuable — and IU retains a great deal of it. Many of us are responsible for the safety of other people’s information. Every appropriate safeguard must be taken to secure this data.”

 Technology tab….

“Technology is the infrastructure of society. Whether it’s writing better code or designing a more secure network, the need to safeguard our valuable information technology resources has never been higher.”

 Operations tab….

“Ensuring that Indiana University continues its tradition of excellence — no matter what.”

 One of the first steps to taking advantage of our great security site is to sign up for the crime alerts.  When I lived in the IUSB campus apartments I had signed up for the alerts.  I was awoken one night at 12:30am to phone ringing.  I answered and the recording alerted me of a break-in in the building.  The alert stated to lock all doors and windows and gave a description of the suspect.  I felt secure knowing that I had everything locked up.  A few minutes later, my Mom called making sure I was fine.  She had signed up for the campus alerts too!

 So sign on and keep your cell numbers and email address current… will hear the latest from our campus security!

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