Visit Your Professors!

Posted on December 6, 2011 by


Office hours are a lot like hospitals.  People avoid them like the plague until they need help and then come rushing in with all sorts of last minute questions and requests.  As for anyone entering into college, one of the most common things you’ll hear from professors is “Go to office hours!!!” Office hours are not something to be avoided or feared.  They provide the best opportunity for asking questions and learning beyond the scope of lecture. Carol Zuegner from The Washington Post states:

“Getting to know your professor outside of class isn’t just brown-nosing. It’s a good way to find help, advice and interesting conversation. The relationship can pay off in grad school recommendations and job references.”

This quote by Carol Zuegner is why I’ve developed an almost unhealthy love-affair for office hours. Over the past years, I’ve realized that office hours might just be the most academically effective use of time in terms of relevance to exam material. By simply making the effort to make it to your professor’s office hours, you separate yourself from 90% of the class. When preparing for your next exam or midterm, go to your professor’s office hours with 3 questions and see the difference it makes on your results!

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