Use Facebook for Your Job Search.

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I love Facebook and all that comes with it….keeping up with my friends and family, sharing pictures of last Friday night’s get together and chatting to my BFF live.  Now I have just learned one more way to use my beloved Facebook site…to search for a job.  I still have another year of school left, but that just gives me time to perfect my FB style…..

“…with the recent announcement of a partnership with agencies including the U.S. Department of Labor, Facebook may soon become another entity to its users: a job search site.”

A few things I have learned…. everyone looks into Facebook….even potential employers.  There are many scary stories about people getting turned down for a job or even being fired because of the posts on Facebook.  Watch what you post and what you comment back to people.  Use what you write to benefit your job search.

There are five tips which could help in your job search while posting on Facebook….

“1. Craft privacy settings appropriately; 2 . Evaluate your profile picture; 3. Interact with companies; 4. Participate in Facebook groups; 5. Tap into your networks”

Meeting, greeting and interacting with people are keys to landing a great job.  Facebook has over 800 million users throughout the world. What a wonderful format to use. The old saying goes….it’s not what you know, but who you know!

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