Journaling is a Valuable Tool.

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Preparing and writing a personal journel can be a treasure chest that not only saves your favorite memories but can become a power tool if you choose to become a professional writer.  Although, this applies to any work that requires alot of quality writing, such as essay writing, too. Journaling also is a stress reliever and for a psycological approach, it’s good to use as a listening tool or sounding board.

Writing down little details which catches your attention everyday can become valuable later if you plan on writing a shortstory, an essay or even a novel. As a writer, you naturally observe people and study them differently than others do. Journaling tips, such as these will help to develop your observation skills. With these tips you can learn to build a character slowly or day by day. For a quick summary, choose one person of interest, describe and write down every physical detail that you find interesting. Next, develop motivation for the character by inventing a goal of some kind and invent some dialogue, too. In this way you can develop a background for the character.

There are many choices of journaling to choose from, such as movies, travel or a nature journal. Dream journels can be fun and benefical if you understand a little of the psycology of dreams. Many people interpret dreams as an insight into choosing better conscious choices. The writers show here, how to customize dream journals and express dreams in creative and colorful ways. Astrology journaling also can be a very interesting way of learning the details of every astrological element that affects your sign. These elements effect your energy, emotions, activities and relationships on a day to day basis. Other suggestions for journaling include grocery, car, baby, psycological disfunctions and couple journals. Choosing a topic for journaling is up to you, it can be for sentimental reasons or as a creative power tool for a job. Here is a adequate way to sum up the idea of journaling,

A journal is a trustworthy friend. It sharpens you. It brings order to your thoughts. It solidifies ideas. A journal expands in you a grateful heart as you capture the gifts in your days…A journal will be a friend who listens…just listens. When life gets tough and relationships are challenging, it can offer comfort. It can serve as an educator for your emotions.

Journaling very well could be thought of as rapping with a friend to clear and improve the mind. This could be by analyzing and sorting through details or by drawing, coloring and creating journal images. A journel is a good way to express emotions for a private account and can also be used constructively, such as for character traits in a story.

The online journal article really helped me to appreciate journaling as a very useful and productive tool. It is a good way to begin a day, add to a day or end a day. Journaling as a stress reliever is great for practicing expression and a excellent way to escape. Although, I don’t believe that by journaling, I am escaping, if I am dealing with ideas and expanding them. So,whether I choose character analysis, dream journaling, astrology, travel or nature loving, journaling seems to be an exciting way of creating a useful tool.

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