Jerry Sandusky claims “horseplay”

Posted on November 29, 2011 by


Here is a simple question for whomever to answer: Since when is it okay for a man, who is not of any relation, to shower with a young boy?  I do not give a care if you were so called “horsing around” or not.  A man does not shower with a boy under any circumstances.

“Horseplay is wrestling your friend out of a pillow fort, throwing your nephew into the pool — various other things that would be never mistaken for rape” according to Steward.

Jon Steward ripped into Jerry Sandusky claims he made in his phone interview with Bob Costas on Monday night’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams.” Stewards response, “Horseplay? Are you fucking kidding us?” What was interesting about the phone interview was Sandusky’s defense attorney was sitting right next to Costas as Sandusky answered the proposed questions.  I thought part of a defense attorneys job description was to speak for their client, not let their client speak for themselves.  Obviously by Sandusky’s responses he was not coached how to answer the questions he would be faced with and he quickly dug himself into a deeper and deeper hole.  When asked if he is sexual attracted to underaged boys he repeats the question and then says, “Sexual attracted, uhh, I enjoy young people. I enjoy to be around them.  I..I..  No I am not attracted to underaged boys.”

In my opinion I think that Sandusky needs to fire his defense attorney, because he also has a problem with sexual boundaries. In 1996 he impregnated a client who was under the age of 18!