Certifications, Will They Boost a Career?

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An certification in a field can enhance a degree and can be an advantage but be sure to check out facts and ask the right questions to representatives who certify you. If you feel that you’re not marketable enough, can’t obtain employment or believe certification is a link to better opportunites in your field, you have justified reasons to want one. It’s also justifiable to want to supplement an income or add to educational experience,too.

The importance of certifications could be in hiring processes even though evidence of this is difficult to prove unless the career is among top fields. Other than the careers listed in this writers poll, it couldn’t be verify 100%  whether certification was a career booster. Here’s a list of investigative questions to ask representives that should make things more clear.

What is the reputation of the issuing organization? Do the benefits of the certification justify the cost? What are the requirements and costs for recertification? Are there educational and experiential requirements fot he certification? (Experience requirements are an important consideraton for career-changers since they could prevent one from using a certification to move into a new career quickly.) Is the certification national in scope as well as recognized outside the U.S.?

To put questions of these kind to organization representatives is a sound idea. I wanted to supplement the degree I’m working on and I obtained certification in office work for the health field. Since the organization is a local hospital, I was reassured by hospital officals of the benefits of the certification. In fact, I was informed when applying for the job, that by obtaining certification my chances of getting hired would increase considerably. I obtained my certification less than a year ago and while I’m not working yet, I am optimistic about the future and being more hirable.

I was fortunate that I was able to find an area that linked easily to my field and where certification enhanced my knowlege. So far, I am secure about my decision for certification in the health area, since I became more versatile in skills and other functions. Otherwise, without college, I most likely wouldn’t try for certification as the only way to boost a career unless I wanted nonprofessional type of work. But this could be a costly way for someone that doesn’t want a higher paying job. By supplementing my college education, it links me to greater opportunties and increases my marketablity, too. I remain secure in my decision and I hope to see results of it, soon.

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