Turkey, Why Not Eat Something Else

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It time for some turkey facts with Thanksgiving over I thought I would look into the tradition of why people eat turkey instead of other things like chicken, ham, or duck on Thanksgiving.

The turkey is most famous for Thanksgiving, but why is that however in my search I found a few answers the first is that turkey was surved at the first Thanksgiving this comes from evidence the writing of William Bradford who mentions that the turkey was eaten at the first Thanksgiving although this was written 22 years after the first Thanksgiving took place and back then the word turkey was used to decribe many birds. The other reason I found was that  Benjamin Franklin thought that the bird was respectable bird, and he wanted turkeys to be the national symbol  of America and not the eagle. However many people didn’t agree with him on this and the eagle  became the symbol of America.

This last reason may be the one that is most unlikely as it involves an old story about the Queen Elizabeth of England. Back then a Spanish ship was supposed to attack England however it sank into the sea the Queen was so happy that she ordered her servants to cook goose. The Pilgrams were inspired to cooked turkey instead of goose. There may be other reasons and if you know more reasons please post them in the comments. If you eat other kinds of meat other than turkey on Thanksgiving post them in the comments as well. If you’re still looking for more turkey facts then then look here.

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