Yes, a Portfolio will Ensure Better Job Opportunity

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The answer to the question: “Will I need a portfolio to ensure the best chance for a job?” is yes, if you want to look professional, make an over-all impression, get the edge and not miss any advantage of obtaining that job you desperately need!

One huge myth about whether a portfolio should be used or not, is the notion that only people who are looking for a creative job need a portfolio. The truth is that anyone can create a portfolio for the job they’re skilled in, if you want to sell yourself properly. The key is that even if you’re highly skilled for a certain profession, there will be hundreds of others that are just as skilled. When you establish a dynamic job portfolio you can establish yourself more easily. You want to be more than just noticed and assert that you are well suited for the offered job.

Organization of a portfolio is easy, portable and you can create an online version of it if you feel you need to. Portfolio’s usually are held in a slim, portable 3-ring binders that will allow organizaton of everything efficiently. The rule is that it’s better not to overstuff job experience, only use a few, strong examples of job related experience. Mostly, make sure the portfolio is fluid and flows effortlessly. Keep it updated, tweak it often and make it complete. Keep in mind to add any new documents but most important, make sure you have one!

A portfolio is a job hunting tool that is used for all types of jobs by people needing employment. It gives a total, in-depth picture of who you are and what your goals are. Everything about your experience, education, accomplishments, philosophy and career ethics become a showcase to the potential employer. With a job interview, it can be used to establish a second interview. Here, to sum up the bottom line,

The bottom line is, in a crowded job market, you must figure out a way to stand out. And a portfolio, even if it’s light on gorgeous graphics, isn’t just for creative professionals anymore. Stop thinking of it as a picture book, and understand what a portfolio really is: a collection of stuff showing, nay proving what a fantastic job candidate you are!

I am really encouraged to create a professional type of portfolio for myself and to showcase my skills and goals. Establishing myself further with a portfolio after an intense interview is job security for me. I feel that I’ve absolutely done eveything possible and have the edge to prove I am the perfect candidate for the job.

Looking over all the information I found on portfolios changed my outlook about having one of my own. Since I was on the job market on a part-time basis until much later, I didn’t think I had enough job experince to put into one. Although, I’ve found since that I do have other important accomplishments that need to be showcased and now encouraged, I’ll make sure that I have one. I’ve found that I can build my portfolio upon college experience and developed skills. In this way any limited work experience fits into my over-all knowlegde. Also, it proves that I’ve had a great deal of expansion with the limits I previously held. For example, I achieved certification in an area of my field that creates flexablility for a number of certain postions within the main area of my interest. Basic skills that were limited previously are now developed and fit into the over-haul picture of myself.

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