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All-Nighters Can Have Lasting Effects

November 29, 2011


Those of us here at IUSB know all about pulling all-nighters for papers/tests/exams/and projects. Especially this semester, from my experience and from talking with other students. Many students don’t get the required 8hrs of sleep and pull at least one all-nighter a month. According the a study done at the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota), […]

The ‘Casually Pepper Spary Everything Cop’ as a meme

November 22, 2011


For those that don’t know the latest news story, first a brief to get you on the same page. Friday Nov. 18 , in Sacramento California, #OccupyWallStreet was in full force at UC Davis University. A group of students blocked off a sidewalk and locked arms so no one could pass through. This act is […]

Media Coverage: #occupywallstreet

November 10, 2011


Occupy Wall Street: an American movement to change the 1% that control 99% of the money. A movement that started with the Arab Spring, with the same issues in Libya, Egypt, in a different protests are now affecting Greece and America.  In the past year, many countries all over the world have started social movements […]

Greece Financial Crisis

November 8, 2011


Greece: across the Atlantic, cross a few handful of countries, and dont forget about the Mediterranean.   This culturally rich ethnic group seems to be facing a recession, just as Americans.  I know my topic is the “miscellaneous” around topic, but there is a bit of a twist on what I cover. In watching a […]

Top 5 Halloween Movies

November 1, 2011


Halloween, notorious for thrillers/horrors/and suspenseful movie marathons.  Now which ones to pick: The Daily Collegian‘s writer Elizabeth Sinclare share her thought on the top rated Halloween movies. Sinclare’s Top Favorites are: 1) “Hocus Pocus” 2) “It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” 3) “Rocky Horror Picture Show” 4) “Nightmare Before Christmas” 5) “Sleepy Hallow” Unfortunately Sinclare […]

Where’s Ours

October 25, 2011


As IUSB students, the real life college students, we are all looking to catch a break in finances.  In scouring the internet for good deals or discounts to businesses, I stumbles upon this article for St. Mary’s and ND students. This article is about a new “Students for South Bend” program allows students that go […]

LiveSTRONG: Healthy Lifestyle

October 18, 2011


From the ultimate health foundation, the LiveSTRONG website wrote on tips about how to stay healthy in college.  Eat  breakfast, even just a snack, pass on junk food, and minimize drinking.  It’s a quick little blurb on the right eating habits. –For decades, vending machines have been the bane of many college students. They also […]