Nature and Technology: Balancing the New World Yin and Yang

Posted on November 15, 2011 by


As new events develop in our 21st century world, it becomes important to pay attention to a particular issue that affects every aspect of our way of living. That issue forms from the question: “How do we balance nature and technology so that they can work together, instead of destroying each other?”.  William Aicher offers personal insight into the matter, stating

Rather than try to save the world, however, my focus lately has been on fixing my world.

When it comes to the mission of attempting to form balance between technology and nature, Aicher points out to us through this quote that there needs to be a localized focus from each individual, instead of a team-based emphasis, therefore the focus must be, in the words of Aicher, “on fixing our world”, instead of trying to attempting to fix everything, including the matters that exist outside of the personal sphere.

Another aspect that fixes this issue comes from fixing not only the architecture of your living and work spaces, but also getting out and doing something not involving technology at least once a day, like hiking, bicycling, or simply enjoying the speactcles of the natural environments, as pointed out by MyWonderfulWorld. Concerning this, MyWonderfulWorld elaborates:

Rule of thumb: When heading to a technology conference [especially], even things out by doing at least one thing outside and away from the technology that permeates our lives.

That is to say, the participant must balance any sort of environment or activity where technology is heavily is involved with some dosage of non-technology based activity in order to prevent a formation of a tech-based monopoly within the mind. “Happiness is a body and mind in sync with nature”, as I would best put this point. Don’t allow the yang of technology overtake any desire or want of the natural yin, because every once in a while, a person should remember his roots as a species of animal, not as a technology-driven entity, in order to solve the problem.

Along with the need for connection of humans with nature and natural human actions, the need for people to balance technology and nature derives from certain appeals to statements by Gandhi, as well as diatribes against the wrongs of capitalism that have circulated globally ever since concerns about sustainability began to rise in various parts of the world. In essence, what we have here is a leftist reason, characterized by resistance of violence and exploitation, to complement the above rightist reason, betterment of the self. In other words, people of all different backgrounds agree on the point that technology has overtaken society as is and needs something to keep it in check- that thing being nature.

Out of all the statements given above about the reasons for balancing technology and nature, I find the reason for overall self-betterment and associated better health to be the most practical, but at the same time, I find reasons appealing to the ills of capitalism and the need for stronger sense of spirituality to be the most poignant reasons for such activity. In essence, what we have here is the need not just a self-oriented desire as a need for cutting back on technology and appealing to nature, but also we have an altruistic reason of spread of spirituality and nonviolent practices as an equally valid reason for appealing to nature.  However, all who wish to contribute towards the goal of tipping the technology-nature balance the other way must remember that any efforts to turn the world around must start with the individual. Only then can the heights of the altruistic ideal of improved sense of spirituality and repsect for the world’s denizens be achieved by the people who populate our world.