Greece Financial Crisis

Posted on November 8, 2011 by


Greece: across the Atlantic, cross a few handful of countries, and dont forget about the Mediterranean.   This culturally rich ethnic group seems to be facing a recession, just as Americans.  I know my topic is the “miscellaneous” around topic, but there is a bit of a twist on what I cover.

In watching a tidbit of “Rock Center with Brian Williams” this story caught my ears in the sense on what the Greek people blame it on.  They too have lost jobs, Mom and Pop businesses of bankrupt, no money to be spent; same story different country, but with a twist.  The story highlighted that the Greek people trace the beginnings to the conversion of Greek money (Drachmas) to the Euro in 2002.

Thus the miscellaneous aspect of my article being:  1) Is a content-wide money conversion a good idea… and 2) What is the straw that broke America’s back??