Getting a Six Pack: An Elaboration of Key Points

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We’ve all confronted this matter before when it comes to personal health: not only feeling great after exercise, but also appearing very much the same, as well (getting what the people call a “six pack” being the epitome of such fitness levels). Towards the bottom of the page, Sally Rummel, author of the article via Tri-County Times comments the following on how to achieve this six-pack:

Crunches and sit-up are not the best way to build up your abdominals – it’s almost entirely a function of body fat and minimally a function of ab development. Contrary to popular belief, training a muscle group will not burn fat locally. The best way to get a six-pack involves better dietary choices and high-intensity interval training.

While this explanation is entirely valid, I feel that there need be plenty of elaboration on this topic, with myself having achieved the goal (as well as a drop from ~230 lbs to ~180 lbs in 6 months!) through very similar methods some years back. First, other than high-intensity interval training as well as the need to train all muscle groups to maximize benefits, the need to maximize the potency of rest periods also factors into the equation. Oftentimes, we tend to neglect this phase of  workouts, cardio or otherwise, however, I know this portion of the workout to be important through my own experiences. Without the proper amount of time for a rest period, this could lead to some undesired results, especially in weightlifting and similar strength-intensive tasks.

Along with the resting phase of the exercise routine, people who would seek personal enhancement through better physical fitness should also consider abstaining from certain practices that would interfere with their ability to stay fit, as well as anything that would negatively affect the mind- like cynicism or antisocial personalities of any form. Why do I bring up the topic of the mind here?  It’s because the mind and the body are actually linked with one-another: when one suffers, so does the other. The same applies to when one would benefit, all circumstances of trade-offs between the mind and body aside. As a result, physical fitness helps the mind grow strong, as well as all other essential components of the body, thus also facilitating the ability to persist longer and with greater intensity in the workouts being done.

Other than the mind, there is another important aspect of living that directly affects physical fitness and the ability to achieve the so-called six-pack: a person’s social life. It’s important for you all to notice that the mind, body and social life actually all recursively depend on each other: being tightly coupled to the point of being one in the same, if I would. The reason for this is, as I said before, in order to progress on any one of the spheres of life- be it the physical, mental, or social- you should focus your efforts on one of them in order to generate positive changes for the other two (while, at the same time, paying at least some attention to each of them). Through this strategic approach to conquering the issues of your life, no matter what they are, I can’t necessarily say the journey will be easy, but the results will rock your world once you have earned them.

As a result of the above, if there are any points which you should come away with this article with, they are as follows. (1) Don’t neglect the rest period when considering your routine for your daily workouts and make sure to listen to your body when deciding how to approach your workouts. (2) Make sure you integrate activities to stimulate the mind into your path to better overall fitness, alongside the physical workouts, for they are meant to complement the physical, not take away from it. Finally, if you have trouble establishing trustworthy social connections and friendships, then consider making improvements in the social sphere of living, for it could very well serve as a blessing to the physical and mental spheres of life if all else fails you. In determining the path to better life (and a “six-pack”), don’t forget that above all else, common sense will take you over hill and dale to numerous fertile fields of success. Use your head, listen to your body, and conquer your fears and reservations. You can do it!

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