All about the Juice Diet

Posted on November 3, 2011 by


People say the best method for losing weight is to eat healthier. Cut out the sweets, simple carbohydrates, and fatty foods and replace them with more fruits and vegetables. Sometimes it is not that easy. Often times eating a salad just is not going to satisfy you. But what if you drank your fruits and vegetables?

This is what the latest diet craze, Juice Fasting, suggests to do. Drink the concentrated fruits and veggies that have been put through a juicer every day for a certain amount of days and lose weight. Does it work? According to Joe Cross it does. Joe created the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” about his 60 day juice fast to show its effectiveness. The film follows Joe on his quest to inform people throughout the United States of how the juice fast can help them, not only lose weight, but also jump start their metabolism, help prevent sickness and disease, and become over-all a healthier person.

There are many reasons why a juice fast can be beneficial to you. In Joe Cross’ case, he was 100 pounds over-weight, border-line diabetic, and he had a very rare auto-immune disease which affected his skin resulting in him taking a very serious steroid called methotrexate usually used to treat cancer. After his 60 day juice fast was completed, everything that ailed him was significantly better and more importantly, he was able to be taken off the dangerous methotrexate!

I watched this documentary because a friend suggested it to me. Going into it, I knew that it was some fat guy trying to lose weight and show people how he did it. I did not know, however, that he had a rare auto-immune skin disease. While watching the film, this perked my attention a little more, because I, too, have an auto-immune skin disease called psoriasis where I have been prescribed methotrexate. Although psoriasis is far more common than Joe’s auto-immune condition, it is very similar and it calls for the same prescription. Psoriasis, for lack of a better term, SUCKS! The results of it on the skin look terrible, the medicine is dangerous, and there is no cure. I have struggled with it for many years and nothing has significantly helped. After watching this documentary, I wanted to give the juice fast a try.

I did not look into the juice fast much before I tried it other than watching the documentary, but there are things you should know if you do attempt it. Regardless, I went out, bought a juicer for around $60 at Lowe’s, and began making juice. I tried it for just five days, and I even cheated a couple times eating solid food. However, I lost six pounds and my psoriasis cleared up more than it ever has before. After five days, I became a believer in the juice fast. Since I ended the initial five-day fast, I have been eating healthier, occasionally indulging myself, but still incorporating juice into my every day diet. All I can say is that it works really well, I feel great, and I highly recommend it to anyone and especially to watch the documentary.