Affordable family entertainment near I.U.S.B.

Posted on November 2, 2011 by


The demands of being a parent are huge, and going to college does not make this responsibility any easier. Do you believe that you lack the time or money for going out with the family? Well that’s not the case at all and I plan on telling you why. Even if you are just looking for some insightful locations to bring the family out for some quality time this will help you out. I felt it was time to provide the family-oriented I.U.S.B. students some possible routes for entertainment on a low budget and a full schedule. All the locations and events I will mention will be reasonably priced, local to South Bend or Elkhart and can work into most busy schedules to make that special day worth something a little bit more than going to McDonalds Play Land. not that this isn’t a good option at times. The places I would like to focus on is the Potawatomi Zoo of South Bend, Hall of Hereos: Super Hero Museum of Elkhart, and Healthworks Kids Musuem of South Bend. I will also include a few other ideas that you may enjoy on at home.

I want to inform everyone about the Potawatomi Zoo. It is a local Zoo in South Bend that is relatively small in comparison to other nearby Zoos such as the: Indianapolis Zoo, and the The Kids Zoo of Fort Wayne. This size of this zoo makes it much easier to manage those younger children while still having a good time.  So take your family out so they can enjoy the reptiles, butterflies, birds, and much more. There is even a Leopard for everyone to enjoy. So for roughly the same price of bringing the family out to see a movie at the theater, you could spend a whole day with the family. This location is especially great for families with children under 3, considering they receive free admission.

Another exciting location I would recommend visiting is Hall of Hereos: Super Hero Museum. This is a museum full of vintage comic books, superhero artifacts, movie props, and various other comic book related items. This is a location that all comic book lovers would enjoy, and with the growing popularity of Batman and other comic book heroes amongst children and adults I would imagine that they would also love to see comic history. There is even Batman props from the classic T.V. series. To attend you must contact Allen Stewart at 574-522-1187 or 574-293-0755 to arrange an appointment. Admission is only $5 for adults and $3 for children 10 years or younger. And Allen also is a Veteran who sells real estate locally, so if you need a home he may also be able to help.

The next location I would like to mention is the Healthworks Kids Musuem. This is not only a museum of exhibits, but it also features some hands on fun for the whole family. Enjoy the thrill of handing intestines well learning of your last meals travels, or perhaps you’d enjoy diving into a pit of eyeballs to see a good time. Regardless of your favorite activities, we all can enjoy the benefits of watching children have fun while they are learning.  So dive on into a mess-filled day of hands on science. And children under 2 get in free. And don’t worry it all washes off.

Another exciting option is for you is to have a family game night. With all the board, card, and dice games out there it should not be too difficult to find a game to play with your family. You would be amazed at how fun this can be with your family. And don’t feel left out of these activities and exciting locations if you don’t have children. You also could enjoy an exciting day of affordable entertainment.