Top 5 Halloween Movies

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Halloween, notorious for thrillers/horrors/and suspenseful movie marathons.  Now which ones to pick: The Daily Collegian‘s writer Elizabeth Sinclare share her thought on the top rated Halloween movies.
Sinclare’s Top Favorites are:

1) “Hocus Pocus”

2) “It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”

3) “Rocky Horror Picture Show”

4) “Nightmare Before Christmas”

5) “Sleepy Hallow”

Unfortunately Sinclare doesn’t expand her ideas on what makes these movies so popular or give an kind of critical view on the matter.  As a minor, I am very disappointed with the lack of any kind of critical opinion of the movies or even reasoning why these movies were picked.  As a communication major I am very disappointed in the lack of opinion from the journalist.  Journalist learn to write unbiased story for newspapers, however, in writing movie reviews the writer must have an opinion backed by evidence.

My Top 5 Halloween Picks: (a little bit of creep, suspense, thrill, and good clean fun)

1)     “Insidious”: This movie is the best movie I have seen that truly toys with suspense.  The best #hauntingspirit movie I have seen.

2) “Hocus Pocus”:  Since the first time I saw this as a little kid, I fell in love with the overbearingly awkward feeling the audience has from the witches.  Good clean fun, and one of the best witch movies I’ve watched.

3) “The Shining”: Sometimes you just have to throw it back to the classics.  The Shining does a wonderful job with Jack’s inner battle with himself.

4) “Nightmare Before Christmas”: arguable Tim’s Burton’s masterpiece.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more disturbing animation film.

5) “Casper”:  Good clean ghostly fun.  He is afterall the friendly ghost.

In picking your choice throughout the Halloween Season, just make sure you cover the classics, the innocent, and the thrillers!

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