In the Autumn Equinox, Nature Feeds Us

Posted on October 27, 2011 by


In the fall season or the autumnal equinox, we become the most hungry, needing extra energy for colder tempertures and shorter days. Using a little biology to compare the plant world’s loss of green color with loss of energy, plants re-locate energy down toward roots to prepare for colder tempertures, too. Such things as fruits, leaves and seeds drop from trees, bushes and in some plants and vegtables, sugar and starches become more dense. Increases in cooler and drier air with autumn vegtables, such as carrots, potatoes and seeds are a marvel in nature when supplies that re-energize, too. Natural transformations such as these produce clues of natural foods that are best for humans to eat in the fall time. Denser food supplies, such as lettuce, deveolp more concentrated energy in autumn harvests. This also includes root vegtables, such as garlic, onion, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams. Dense foods grow above ground too, and gourds, winter and acorn squashes and pumkins, are a few. And energy enriched nuts and seeds are produced from a result of drier air in the fall time. Harvest moons that go with harvest bonfires in the autumn equinox is also a day when people of many cultures celebrate the harvest as a defeat of starvation in the near winter months. Try a little canning, drying, freezing or pickling foods for plain winter meals or for traditional holiday planning and old-fashioned harvest activities. Traditional kitchen odors creates nourshing comfort foods and smells that stimulates a healthier appetite,

“A final natural trend in the fall would be increased cooking and baking in the kitchen. In contrast to the light and cooling foods of summer that help to counterbalance the season of highest heat, autumn begins to initiate that transition into cold weather that makes us eager for a bowl of hot soup or steeped tea.”

I agree that I feel more in the mood for cooking in the fall season than in summer when it creates a feeling of warmth and coziness throughout the house. Cooking is more of a natural activity in the fall season than during the summer soltice when its cooler to be outside, doing fun things. Cooking out of doors is fun and a favorite of mine to do when the autumn equinox can be more of a solemn time. Gone are the long summer evenings that are replaced by more mild weather and darker evenings. Cooking and baking go with fall time, especially with Halloween being the first holiday after the autumn equinox.

Managing college is rough enough and trying to plan and cook meals can be an impossible feat but it worth the effort. This is if only for a healthier mind and body to face the stresses of school plus the winter season. Since the autumn season is a time for slowing down, it’s a good time for get togethers with friends to share a meal. Potluck dinners are a good idea to share with friends and can be a fun way to get together. Later on, a good idea to end the evening can by by studying together. Serving up hotfoods, soups, casserole and ethnic foods are good choices in fall weather and are hearty and a nourshing way to study together. One thing that stands out in these articles is how nature supplies an abundance of foods in the autumn that are packed full of extra energy for colder weather. Also, there isn’t any problem with finding recipes for anything with online access, it’s become a breeze for men especially, to find any recipe in only a short while. So, lets all get together and praise the autumn equinox, defeat starvation with a potluck dinner and celebrate nature’s transformations!