Touchdown Jesus found on a moth by an Illinois woman. Is it a sign or coincidence, you decide?

Posted on October 26, 2011 by


An interesting story was written in The Elkhart Truth newspaper today. A moth resembling the image of Touchdown Jesus on its wings was found by an Illinois woman.  To those who are unfamiliar with what Touchdown Jesus is, it is a picture of the Catholic Jesus with his arms extended at the Notre Dame campus. The woman who found the moth is trying to sell it as a collectable piece due to it being produced by nature. The woman says she hopes this moth will be more collectible than other Jesus resembling items such as Cheesus , a Cheeto brand cheese snack resembling Jesus on the cross, and a sour cream and onion chip resembling Jesus burnt on the chip, Potato Chip Jesus.  This woman’s intention is to sell the Touchdown Jesus Moth on E bay in the hope of making a little much needed income to assist in getting financially stable again due to her going through a divorce with a Norte Dame graduate, the irony. I must agree with the woman upon the moth bearing the mark of Touchdown Jesus. It is a very impressive thing to see and with the season of Notre Dame Football doing better than they have in while, could this possibly be a sign?  Let me know what you all think and enjoy the article. Original Elkhart Truth Article