Where’s Ours

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As IUSB students, the real life college students, we are all looking to catch a break in finances.  In scouring the internet for good deals or discounts to businesses, I stumbles upon this article for St. Mary’s and ND students.

This article is about a new “Students for South Bend” program allows students that go to ND, Holy Cross, or St. Mary’s to benefit from discounts from area businesses.  These discounts only apply to participating businesses of course, but all that is required of the student is to show a valid student id.

  -Students for South Bend is a tri-college discount initiative that aims to make local college students more aware of the different businesses South Bend and Mishawaka have to offer by providing discounts for student shoppers.

I applaud the efforts of the SGA at each school for getting area businesses to participate in the program.  The SGA seems very persistent in giving students breaks in financial responsibilities, even if it’s just a discount on dinner.

This page is very beneficial… to ONLY those that are students at that attend these 3 colleges.  I don’t know about the rest of  the students at IUSB, but I am certainly tired of being the forgotten university in SB (I am sure Ivy Tech is the same).  Where are the discounts for IUSB.  We are the commuter school; working AND going to school, should we get a break to.  Where are our discounts?  I know a small percent of businesses (Caribu Coffee or the Oaken Bucket) do extend out to IUSB, but its almost non-existent.  There needs to be a change, in the community businesses and SGA’s of Ivy Tech and IUSB.

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