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The Office of Student Life is an important category for a college and college students.  At IUSB, athletics, clubs & organizations, housing, resources & services, and A-Z student life index are listed under the Student Life tab on the website.  The Office of Student Life has five core values; connect, lead, have fun, grow and be heard.  The core values can be met by being involved in student clubs, student government, titan production, project LEAD, and publications.  The University’s goal is to connect students by getting them involved with Student Life clubs & organizations.

There are more than 70 clubs and activities that recognize student interests. These clubs range from social to service, education to entertainment, athletics and wellness, to volunteer work, and professional growth. Join up and be a part of it.

In my opinion, it is important for students to be involved with clubs & organization.  Being that IUSB is a community college, a lot of students come to campus strictly for their schedule class time only.  I am guilty of being a student that hasn’t been  interested in being involved with extra activities at IUSB.  I do have to say though that I wish I had been involved more in my college experience.  If I could redo my college experience I would be more involved with clubs & organizations and supporting our schools athletics.

From my own experience, my time has been occupied with not only school but work, friends, and family.  Over the years I have been caught up in my obligations outside of school that I haven’t been able to be involved with my college Student Life.   It is important though, being a college student, to find time to participate in some type of club or organization to enhance your college experience.  Spring semester is right around the corner and  it is time to connect!  Take a look at the list of clubs & organizations to see what interests you.  IUSB has something for everyone!

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