Our Eating Habits as College Students

Posted on October 20, 2011 by


Jillita Horton brings to light the troubles of bad eating habits of college students especally freshmen who are just leaving home.

 It’s easy for bad eating habits to cause weight gain, even leading up to obesity in college students, especially those living in dormitories. A college student with bad eating habits usually brings to the campus the very habits he or she developed over the past 18 years from home.

Juilita bring up some good points in her article. I consider myself to be a healthy eater, but when I’m on the IUSB campus I don’t eat to many healthy food or drink the healthiest of choices. When I am bored with the food on campus I find myself going to McDonlad’s or Taco Bell or somewhere else. All because the food is quick and easy to get to. Don’t get me wrong I not saying that all college students have bad eating habits or that they don’t make the right choices and nor is Juilita. She is just telling us that the majority of college students make bad health choices when  push comes to shove. Especally freshmen as they still are learning to how to use their newfound freedom. Although the quick and easy reason isn’t the only reason that college students eating habits aren’t that great.

Here are a couple of them:

1. Staying up through the night to cram for exams may cause college students to feel they earned the reward of stuffing themselves at breakfast.

2. Eating at a table full of other students  can make it pretty enticing to eat as a result of visual cues, rather than hunger cues.

These bad habits of course can be broken if students just plan ahead if you know your not going to have time make a good breakfast or lunch just try to make in advance or just get up earlier in the morning. Choosing the healther choice when going to fast food resturants can help as well. Just a little push in the right direction will help you and your body most of all. After all if we aren’t eating right how are we ever going to pass those classes of ours. So just beaware of your eating habits if there bad try and make them better and even if they are good there is always something you can work on.