A New Vendor on Campus?

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According to an article written in the IUSB Preface on September 20, 2011, Jimmy Johns may be a new vendor at IUSB. During Welcome Week, rumors started flying about the possibility. However, according to the Director of Dining Services, Steve Rose, there are many kinks to work out.

“Bringing in a franchise is highly expensive for the university,” said Rose. “We’ve researched bringing other franchises on campus too. There’s a very high capital cost.”Rose also mentioned the liability of having non-university employees on campus. Any franchise that had a store on campus would be ran by employees hired by the university to work for the university. This applies to any food service company looking to have a franchise on IU property, and is not limited to Jimmy Johns or IUSB.

However, a franchise isn’t the only way Jimmy John’s would like to make their presence known on campus. An area manager of Jimmy John expressed his interest in opening up possibilities to deliver food to students on campus. He stated that they would deliver to the library, study areas, dorms, and even classrooms. He also stated that Jimmy John’s is currently looking for a building to house their company closer to campus since the Jimmy John’s on SR 23 and the one downtown don’t deliver to campus.

Having another vendor on campus would add even more variety to the already existing food choices. China House, Chick-Fil-A, and Subway already offer their food on certain days throughout the week. Adding Jimmy John’s to the mix would create even more options for students to choose from, and with a Jimmy John’s closer to campus students would be able to enjoy the delicious subs any time throughout the day.

Here’s the full story: Jimmy Johns looking to be new vendor on campus – News – The IUSB Preface – Indiana University South Bend.

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