James Miller, a tragic loss to us all.

Posted on October 19, 2011 by


Justin Leighty a reporter of the Elkhart Truth reports on the funeral of a Goshen man named James Miller who was tragically murdered during a robbery at his home on October 6. Nearly 900 people attended the sanctuary where the service was held and they mourned the loss of a great man. He was described as “a gentle, humble, quirky, humorous family man and a Goshen College professor,” Leighty. The event was well described by Leighty who mentioning things that were said by James Miller’s widowed wife Linda, who was also injured during this ordeal and various other family members and co-workers.  He was well known in his community where he led college youths to higher education and he also served as a father, a husband, and an avid Christian.

I feel it is important to recognize tragic events such as this to mourn the loss of a local great. Not only this but it also illustrates exactly how senseless violence can occur without warning to anyone. This was a recent and local event that to my knowledge has not been solved yet. So keep this thought in mind when your complaining about a bad day or how rough life is and remember every moment we have is precious so make the most of it. What do you think about this tragedy I.U.S.B.? Elkhart Truth Article