Blackbeard’s Pirate Ship Expedition Continues.

Posted on October 19, 2011 by


The expedition of Blackbeard’s pirate ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, will continue for another 4 week interval off the North Carolina coast, very soon. Even when recent Hurricane Irene smashed into the area of the expedition in August, the site remains intact. This apparently is thanks to evacuation workers when several years ago they placed a supporting beam around the area of the sunken ship, protecting it from such things as storms in the Atlantic. The flagship, belonging to Blackbeard was discovered 14 years ago. Artifacts have also been found during this time and are being displayed at the North Carolina museum. Volunteers from East Carolina University will be helping in the new expedtion and are lending a barge for raising an old cannon during the 4 week excursion. Daily news staff report:

“A highlight of the expedition is the planned recovery of cannon C23, one of the ships largest guns, at the close of the expedition. And surrounding the cannon are a kettle, wooden deadeyes, a pewter plate, cannon balls and other unidentified artifacts to be recoverd.”

I think the discovery of the Blackbeard’s pirate ship and evacuating artifacts is a thrilling adventure to watch and keep informed about. Blackbeard was a famous pirate, although a deadly English one. Finding his war artifacts, such as the cannon and cannon balls, is not only evidence of the pirates attack on our shores but a piece of geniune history that is availabe for the public to gaze at first hand.

There is an abundance of history about Blackbeard online that is fascinating but the best way to find out about the pirate is to read about him in literture. He is mentioned often in books, poems and prose and has become a legend. As any English student would agree, to find insights into a character, historical or hidden political ones, reading and analyzing literary works is a good way. Have fun!!