Several Small Steps Could Change the World

Posted on October 18, 2011 by


Has anyone ever traveled abroad?  Well, if you have, I have not been so lucky myself.  When I watch television or read magazines and there is a picture with an international scene, everyone seems to be “skinny”.   I’m not in any way shape or form advocating “skinny”, but I’m saying that on the other end of the spectrum, obesity, is more rampant in American society.  I am a college student so I can honestly say I’m lazy.  Exercise is fun but it’s also hard work.  Like myself and many students that I know, going to school all day, socializing with both males and females, partying all night and then trying to squeeze some study time in for the big test that you haven’t been to class for since last week, is work in itself.  With all of that our plates, who, but the athletes, has time to exercise right now.  Many of us, including myself, think like that; however, when I start thinking about our diets (McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Pizza HUT, and maybe Subway if you’re “Eating Fresh”), plus parting, listening to teachers and getting no sleep, I often question myself about this no exercise thing.  I was reading articles in The Elkhart Truth and a came across one that was titled “Hundreds of students walk to school for International Walk to School Day

After reading the article I was like WOW, I’m 28 years old and I’ve never heard of this before.  It’s Google time.  I went to their website and I discovered that this movement started in 2006 and it initially ran for the entire month of October.  Now the event is only held one day a year in October but all 50 states actively participate in the activity.

Now I’m left with the million dollarthe question which is, “How can I get the message the several small steps could change the world?”  Social media and this blog!  For all my fellow college students (not just IUSB students), adults, children, and even our animals, we as a society need to get up and “stroll” around a little more.  Before reading those two articles, whenever I take an outside trip, I park all the way in the back.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the grocery store, my daughter’s school, or the bar.  If you think about it, LIFE itself is short and fast and maybe the only way we can slow it down is by, “walking out and smelling the roses”.  I encourage everyone to take an extra few steps daily, Carpe Diem!