LiveSTRONG: Healthy Lifestyle

Posted on October 18, 2011 by


From the ultimate health foundation, the LiveSTRONG website wrote on tips about how to stay healthy in college.  Eat  breakfast, even just a snack, pass on junk food, and minimize drinking.  It’s a quick little blurb on the right eating habits.

For decades, vending machines have been the bane of many college students. They also carry the responsibility for the unhealthy “freshman fifteen,” referring to the number of pounds college students often put on their first year at college.

Being as though this is Lance Armstrong’s Foundation, the man who won 7 consecutive Tour de France, battled testicular cancer, and is still riding strong; this article lacks in advice.  Since Armstrong founded the LiveSTRONG campaign, Americans everywhere have been inspired with the true underdog story.  But this article on healthy eating habits is trite and monotonous; nothing the average person doesn’t already know.
Plus the fact that this site is including the abstinence from drinking for college students seems improbable.  Yes, drinking is empty calories, and students should stay away from fast food; but there are no nuances in this article.  Why didn’t they write on simple exercises, or simple homemade meals.  That’s what I want to know about healthy habits!!  Don’t get me wrong, I am completely aware the self-discipline that is  involved with being health, but I know there are a numerous amount of people that are experts on staying healthy.  Beyond that, there are also experts on making it fun… where are these people on the web.  I expected more from such a renowned health site.