IUSB’s Campus Theme: 2011-12

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“At Home and Abroad: Global Awareness, Learning, and Experience.”

By now most of us have heard one professor or another speak about this year’s campus theme. No? Then you are not attending class on a regular basis. But this year’s theme is very crucial for our future. Do not just read it and move on. Really think about what it means. Being aware of what is happening abroad does not mean to apply for a passport and jump on a plane. It is just as simple as staying tuned in to what it happening here at home. Media comes in all different forms. It is up to you to decide which form is best for you whether it is chatting with other people or reading newspapers online.

The Campus Theme is aimed to bridge the vast amount of curricula and events the campus has to offer with a main theme. This will encourage staff, students, and community members to begin a dialog about various topics. Local synergy is just as vital as global. These two spheres are constantly interacting, so we should educate ourselves and learn as much as possible about the different perspectives of everyday life. Knowledge is power.

IU South Bend assistant professor of history, Dr. Yosuke Nirei, is the coordinator for this year’s Campus Theme. Why did he choose this theme? He explains,

“This year I want to call the attention of students and encourage them to look outside of their community and outside of the U.S., said Nirei. “I want them to broaden their perspectives and reflect on the globalized society and internationalization of the university.”

Dr. Nirei encourages students to get involved and is open to new ideas, suggestions, and event proposals. To contact Dr. Nirei, send an e-mail to ynirei@iusb.edu. There are many talks, discussions, entertainment, and lectures to choose from and new events are currently being scheduled. All Campus Theme events are free and open to the public. For a list of events go to IUSB’s  Calendar of Events.

Personally, I would not miss the event on October 20th. In Northside Hall a play titled “No Place Called Home” by New York City playwright Kim Shultz will be performed. This production is based on the diverse lives of Iraqi refugees. If you enjoy a great book, “The Post- American World” by Freed Zakaria was selected by a campus wide vote to be this year’s Campus Theme text. This was made possible by working with One Book, One Campus (OBOC) coordinator Julie Elliot.

With all of these wonderful free events available this year, it would be a crime to not take advantage of at least a few. There truly is something for everyone. To read more about the Campus Theme, visit the IUSB Preface.

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