BYOB: Bring Your Own Blankets

Posted on October 18, 2011 by


IUSB Nap Club

Are you on campus all day and sick of fighting fatigue? Are you spending all of your hard-earned money on delicious South Bend Chocolate Company coffee? IUSB is one of the few campuses that offer a special club to cater to the needs of sleepy students. It is not Fight Club or Poker Club, but Nap Club. Nap Club meets from 2:30-4:30 Tuesdays & Wednesdays. To participate in the least active club on campus, join the mailing list by sending an e-mail to Nap Club is supported under the idea that rest is beneficial and important to the learning process. Sociology professor and club adviser, Daniel Olsen, agrees. Olsen’s research about resting during the day proved that naps are needed by many students. He simply states,

“In my freshman classes, I’ve done surveys. They’re taking 12 credits, a full load,” he says. “They’re working 24 hours a week for pay. They’re working really hard, and some of them have families and kids and stuff like that, too.”

Students are exhausted. This is not good for that 5:30 Philosophy lecture you can barely stay awake for. Being alert in class definitely helps students get better grades. With higher GPA’s, students are more likely to receive better jobs. Taking naps not only increases alertness, but it is good for your overall health. To read more about the benefit of naps, visit this website: 10 Benefits of Power Napping. IUSB Nap Club provides air mattresses and mats to rest on and a moderator to watch over nappers. The moderator is necessary to ensure that no one is bothered, sleepy students wake up on time, and their belongings remain safe. All mattresses are sanitized after naps are completed. If you would like to take a quick siesta, the nap room is now located on the ground floor of the Student Activities Center (SAC) in the Group Fitness Room.

Currently, Nap Club is searching for volunteers to help with Nap Club’s operation. They need people who can prepare the nap room and be there when the yawning students arrive. Nap Club will be at the LSU night in the SAC on October 21st to provide air mattresses & mats for people to rest on during the event. T-shirts will also be sold representing the club that read “Would you like to sleep with me?” I highly encourage joining the IUSB Nap Club for the many benefits like improving academic performance and decreasing stress. The club gives students the chance to join a school sponsored group without undertaking any responsibilities besides bringing your own pillow and blanket!

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