Soccer: The Savior for Homeless Men?

Posted on October 11, 2011 by


The article I refer to in this blog post can be found here.

When asked about the benefits of soccer-playing to homeless men, the author said the following:

“Street football for homeless men … significantly improves the fitness and cardiovascular health profile of these men.”

The author did not make clear, however the reason soccer, in particular, confers such benefits to the homeless when compared to similar sports that involve rigorous training and exercise. As a result, given the claims which the author asserts in the article, we can still easily conclude that sports such as basketball, football, or even roller-blading could produce equivalent or better benefits for those who engage with them. In summary, if the author would make his case for soccer stronger as a boon to the homeless, he should expand his research to include other sports activities besides soccer to determine if similar or identical health benefits would result from them.